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Satellite Six


The Story of Satellite Six.

 It all started when Bernie Branz contacted his old Trench band mate Joe Birardi to put a together a band for a benefit show called Music thru the Generations. This benefit is presented by The Gardens at Monroe and Imperial Healthcare to fund raise by bring music to Alzheimer’s/Dementia patients with customized headphones loaded with their favorite music.  Bernie is a member of the committee and from Right at Home which is one of the organizations organizing the benefit.

Bernie knew Joe Birardi who is a partner in the record label 2BTB Music would be able to get the musicians needed.  Birardi went to members of his bands in 2BTB Music and put together a great line up.  He went with himself, Bill Tuohy, Kevin Losardo, Phil Beehler, Dawn Szollar, and Danielle Zelenak along with Bernie Branz to create Satellite Six.

Music thru the Generations was held at the House of Independents in Asbury Park, NJ on Thursday September 27, 2018.  Satellite Six performed a killer set in front of 500 plus people.  The show was a tremendous success and the money was raised to help purchase the customized headphones.  2BTB Music made a large contribution to the benefit beside the time and challenging work of each band member. 

Satellite Six is sure to perform soon.  Please keep checking back to see where we will be performing next!



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Band Members
Danielle Zelenak – Lead Vocals
Dawn Szollar – Lead Vocals
Joe “Ciid” Birardi – Lead Guitar
Bill Tuohy – Rhythm Guitar
Kevin Losardo – Rhythm Guitar
Phil Beehler - Bass
Bernie Branz - Drums


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