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     "Along with their respectful nod to our brave war vets, 9th Infantry Division is a band that believes in the merit of rock and roll' s early days. They concentrate on a time when performers focused on raw and organic music instead of worrying about social media likes or beard length. 9th Infantry Division models themselves on the titans who took to infamous stages and left fans drained from the glorious act of connected participation. They pay homage to the gritty past, tipping their hat to the revolutionary decades when the music was a true form of engaging lifestyle. Featuring a 10-piece ensemble, 9th Infantry Division is both visual and compositionally driven. Their fast-paced attack carries over from Birardi s other groups, River Monsters, Heat, EOS, and Trench and is sure to bring both old and new fans to the proverbial party. And while 9th Infantry Division is a fairly new project, the feeling of camaraderie and friendship are immediate lures for music fans of all types." John Pfeiffer, The Aquarian Weekly
    9th Infantry is named in honor of all United States Military, especially Joe Birardi's father (WWII, D-Day, Normandy) and Kevin Losardo's father (Vietnam). Both men were in the 9th Infantry.

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45 - Star Spangled Banner/God Bless America

Produced, arraigned and all instruments by Joe Birardi.

 Joe "Ciid" Birardi - Lead Guitar & Lead Vocals

 Bill Tuohy - Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals 

Kevin Losardo - Rhythm Guitar & Acoustic 12 String  

Matt Smith - Bass 

Rich Riley - Synth Guitar 

Gerry Fortus - Drums 

Gerry Mac - Percussion

Danielle Zelenak - Backing Vocals 

Denny Carmella - Backing Vocals 

Marnee Carmella - Backing Vocals 

Patti Ogletree Backing Vocals


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